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Types of pujaa

Types of Pujaa are determined by factors such as: Ishta Deva, time of performance and in some cases the objective to be achieved. There are common areas and formats in all Pujaas. Specific Pujaas have certain variances based on geography, objective and other factors. The Divinity worshipped makes a Pujaa particularly important. Likewise, some objectives of Pujaa such as: progeny, success in a venture, removal of obstacle or accumulation of wealth have it's specific nuances. Likewise, the time of year influences specific formats for certain occasions such as: Sanskaara, Nauraatam, Kaartik month, Ekaadasi Vrata, Purnimaa Pujaa and many more.

Here are some examples of types of Pujaa and what it involves, in a nutshell:

Devtaa Pujaa: Bedi Pujaa and Ishta
Graha Pujaa:
Warding off Grahas
Multiple Days
Mahaa Yagya:
Multiple Days with scriptural reading
Mundana, Upanayana, Guru Dikshaa, Vivaha

For items required for these and more ceremonies, see Items Required for Pujaa.

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