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Pundit Rabidutt Maharaj, BA, BSc.

Background: Rabidutt Maharaj was born in Trinidad and Tobago in 1973. He is of a generation of Pundits discovering new and modern methods of cultivating Sanatan Dharma at home and globally. Born to the parentage of Pundit Sondath and Smt. Binmattee Maharaj in Aranguez, he was fostered in an atmosphere of reverence. This family, spanning five generations in the West, is headed by The late Shankaracharya of Swaha Inc, Pt. Hari Prasad and the late Smt. Chandrawati Prasad. Pundit Rabidutt's familial link to the Hindu Priesthood on both paternal and maternal sides remains one of the strongest and long-lasting lineages in the west today. A product of such a background and personal achievement makes Pundit Rabidutt an accomplished Spiritualist, philosopher, counselor and Guru. Punditji currently resides in Kissimmee Florida with his wife Dr. Priya Maharaj and their four children.

Leadership: Punditji is the founder and Spiritual Leader of Dharma Inc International which is based in Kissimmee, Florida and serves the entire of Central Florida and environs. A student of Vedanta, the Vaishava Tradition and Sankhya Philosophy, Pt. Rabidutt derived his leadership style through a mixture of spiritual analysis, family traditions and interaction with a diverse section of societies in Trinidad, India and Florida. As a leader he believes that the development of common ground among diverse sections of society is the formula which will propel Sanatan Dharma beyond its currently fringe existence in the West into a level of greater acceptability and appreciation.

An accredited Historian, he has written and presented thesis on Hindu culture in the west. He believes organizations is the only sure future for Sanatan Dharma. Effective corporations and 'networkability' of Hindu groups still remains one of the weaker aspects of Hindu existence. As such, Dharma Inc pursues a vision: To utilize all methods of communication viz. spirituality, music, networking, media and personal interaction to achieve the goal of Hindu Progress.

As a Spiritual Leader, he sets a high standard for Dharmic practice and believes in example as the highest precept. His methodology is to foster a strong personal relationship with his devotees who, in turn, can encourage the same amongst all Hindus. Using this as a primary technique he encourages communities to bond as a large extended family following strong spiritual values, a commitment to togetherness and astute morality to each become an example of the power of Hindus.

As a veteran administrator and executive, he has served various roles in organizations such as Swaha International, University of The West Indies Hindu Society(UWIHS), Center for Creative Arts (University of The West Indies), National Council for Indian Culture and Sangeet Mahavidyalaya. As a musician he has also studied and worked with prominent artistes such as Mangal Patasar, Sandra Sookdeo and Rana and Susan Mohip.

Accreditation: Studying firstly under the family traditions of priesthood and later under Swaha Inc, Pundit received personalized guidance directly from the late Shankaraacharya of Swaha Inc: Pundit Hari Prasad and his Guruji the late Pundit Ramsahai. Punditji is an accredited Hindu Priest and maintains an active consultation with Swaha International and senior Pundits of Trinidad, including his father and mentor, Pundit Sondath Maharaj.

Punditji continues to serve the United States and Caribbean region as a religious leader, musicologist, lecturer and a consultant on all matters of spirituality.

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